A Thought Provoking Interview

            I always try to have the daily dose of news from any source. Most of the time, I read the news from the online newspaper and I rarely read the print version of newspaper. The positive news always make me happy and it is really a bliss when I read a positive news within a rush of negative news. That is why I always look for the positive news in the newspapers. 

            Today, I was reading the newspaper named Kaler Kantho. Suddenly, I noticed an interview on the entertainment page and the main reason was its catchy title. The title of the interview was

           “I dislike the fuss of using Facebook and Twitter.”  

            It just struck my chord and I said subconsciously that who the hell is saying this shit. But after seeing the name, I got curious and started reading the whole piece of interview. It was a Vidya Balan interview and I have recently enjoyed a movie of her. I like her acting and It was enough to make me interested about the interview. Most of the questions was related to movie, entertainment and success of her new movies. And at a point the interviewer  asked a twisted question.

      ” Are you totally dependent on your fate for your success?”

There was an instant reply and it is really a big ture for every human being.

     “I believe in fate, but I am not dependent on it totally. I believe that if you anything truly from your heart, it will be waiting anywhere in the world. No one can direct you to that thing. My experience says that if you want to have anything, even the world tries its  best for you.”

These lines then started provoking me to read further and it is really the unusual truth of every success. We know that sometimes the environment, the scenario, the situation do not support us to have our dream, our success. But, it is not constant and success will make its own way to you.

Then, the next question was,

“What is mandatory for success?”

Another easy answer was waiting,

“Your will power. You have to accelerate the pace of your wish. My main purpose of life is to do movies and I always try to find those people who can initiate the possibilities within me.”

I have thought these lines for the entire day and I know that I have heard these lines before but this time those lines are really unabashedly enthusing to me. I have tried to point out the main reason of this unusual preference and the answer is she is now in my favorite actor list and it sounds like honey the idols say anything. Have you noticed that the title made me read the total interview, but I have mentioned the different questions which I liked most? Actually, nobody knows which part of job may pull the attention and which one can satisfy the crowd. 🙂