My Sweet Old Days was There!

                                     It is almost 1.5 months, I have shifted from my old room to a new room in my college hostel. That time, I had to share a room with my other classmates, but this time I am all alone to live in a room, No one to share with me. Actually, it means a great loneliness when someone passes his most of the times without having conversations, chitchat, gossips and building castles in the sky. My old roommates were full of lives and energies. We three always giggled, danced and enjoyed our time by doing meaningless mockery of either our teachers or girl classmates. We talked useless and at the same time we shared odd thoughts about the girls anatomy. Yes, most of the times, we conversed ill and erotic about the girls with great portion of humor. And, you that it is the obvious part of any boyish discussion. 😛
Music was an inseparable part of that time when we rocked together whether in any situation. Rifat, my friend was a amateur newbie guitarist who was a great passionate about learning guitar and When his mood was on, he started singing himself and we all made the atmosphere more musical by flattering him. He sang well maximum time, but sometimes his singing was out of the box and made noises more than music. (Rifat, sorry man! I never told you that. 😛 ). His comedy and comical time was also a part of our mad days. We did mockery always and he was great in mocking the teachers style of dialoguing. In this lifetime, I will never forget his fabulous huckster acting which was more than perfect in comparison to a real life huckster. Sometimes, I also sang songs, but god forbid, those were the ugliest songs of the world. I know, my voice is too bad to proclaim any song in my voice. We three roommates also danced and made fun of the others. That was incredible. Faisal, my another ex-roommate is also a funny bone man who can make laugh anyone anytime anywhere. But, the most irritating fact is, he is talking bird who always chirps like hell. if you give him any topic, he can easily make a 3 hours long speech on that topic without thinking or brainstorming. We friends even now make fun on it and love to see his embarrassed face.
The time was going itself and everything was okay. But, life has its own turn. Situations do not always support the environment and at the end of the day, man changes without any notice. Some incidences made me think twice to stay in there. We know, there are ups and downs is everywhere, but some downs are totally irreversible and that influence to make hard decisions against the will of the mind. But, at the end of the day, I miss those sweet days, or times of hanging out, singing, dancing and acting. Miss you, fellas! 🙂

And I know that this article is the what which can describe my every thoughts about religion and spirituality. The so called religions are failed to cater my spirituality and at this phase, i know that all are made by minds.

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“I’m spiritual, not religious”

Spiritual no Religious 2I wish I had a back massage for every time I’ve heard this line. What gets me most is the presupposition it stems from, that “spiritual” is the assumed equivalent of “good” and “religious” is the assumed equivalent of “evil.” Who made up this language game?

Honestly, who decided that “spiritual” was a term that would be used to contradict religion and as evidence of personal enlightenment, without further ado. And does anyone using the phrase ever stop to think what they actually mean by it? I think what is usually meant is that religion is man-made tradition whereas spiritual is a phenomenon that happens on a personal level, free from all “man-madeness” and tradition, and thus… true?

My experience has been exactly opposite. I spent the first 20 years of my journey in Christianity believing that I was spiritual and not religious and have come…

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Immature Minds, Mature Thoughts

Maturity is not always as visible as a portion of the outer cover of life. It is the state of mind and nature which makes a man more capable to cope with certain situations and how maturely he/she is handling the flip sides of the coins available in this substantial life. Sometimes some situations show how mature or immature a man is. In these situations people can easily understand that he is still a child in mind or a mature in thought.

A nitty thought  was bugging me whole day that how immature I am. it is very much clear that mos t of the people are too clear about their wants, But there is still some people who are really confused about their goal or want as always. I am one of the later group. Actually, when being transparent doesn’t work, being confused can work better then.

The story unfolds today morning, when I got an message from an precious person of my life ( I think, you have already guessed it!). Once we were very good friends. Then the term ‘best friends’ appeared and after a certain period we both felt that there was something unexplained in both of our thoughts and that made a ultimate rapport. We both chosen to remain naive and the story goes on. But this a sweet past to both of us as differences come and it is really tough for anyone to cope with the ups and downs as always. We parted ways.

But, the morning sms made me joyous and it was a long time she sent her last sms. The content was just a simple morning wish,”Good morning, Shuvo. Nishchoy Ekhono Ghumacchish.(I swear, You are still sleeping)”. A rush of neurons  struck my thoughts and for a while I thought that I was dreaming. I was pretty sure that I would not reply, but my fingers were not listening me. After a few minutes, I replied with a sweet sms. Then, Sms Goes on.

After surpassing more than 100 sms  for the whole day, when the night was in full swing, she sent a sms having a apology statement. I asked her for what the apology is. She replied that she was bothering me whole day as she could not resist herself to miss me for the last few days. I asked, I did not feel any bothering and the situation was really awkward for me.

I realized then that how immature we both are. Life goes on and such incident reminds me that mind never listens the brain.

Have you ever been experienced such experience? Let us know how you feel when brain and mind starts war.

A Thought Provoking Interview

            I always try to have the daily dose of news from any source. Most of the time, I read the news from the online newspaper and I rarely read the print version of newspaper. The positive news always make me happy and it is really a bliss when I read a positive news within a rush of negative news. That is why I always look for the positive news in the newspapers. 

            Today, I was reading the newspaper named Kaler Kantho. Suddenly, I noticed an interview on the entertainment page and the main reason was its catchy title. The title of the interview was

           “I dislike the fuss of using Facebook and Twitter.”  

            It just struck my chord and I said subconsciously that who the hell is saying this shit. But after seeing the name, I got curious and started reading the whole piece of interview. It was a Vidya Balan interview and I have recently enjoyed a movie of her. I like her acting and It was enough to make me interested about the interview. Most of the questions was related to movie, entertainment and success of her new movies. And at a point the interviewer  asked a twisted question.

      ” Are you totally dependent on your fate for your success?”

There was an instant reply and it is really a big ture for every human being.

     “I believe in fate, but I am not dependent on it totally. I believe that if you anything truly from your heart, it will be waiting anywhere in the world. No one can direct you to that thing. My experience says that if you want to have anything, even the world tries its  best for you.”

These lines then started provoking me to read further and it is really the unusual truth of every success. We know that sometimes the environment, the scenario, the situation do not support us to have our dream, our success. But, it is not constant and success will make its own way to you.

Then, the next question was,

“What is mandatory for success?”

Another easy answer was waiting,

“Your will power. You have to accelerate the pace of your wish. My main purpose of life is to do movies and I always try to find those people who can initiate the possibilities within me.”

I have thought these lines for the entire day and I know that I have heard these lines before but this time those lines are really unabashedly enthusing to me. I have tried to point out the main reason of this unusual preference and the answer is she is now in my favorite actor list and it sounds like honey the idols say anything. Have you noticed that the title made me read the total interview, but I have mentioned the different questions which I liked most? Actually, nobody knows which part of job may pull the attention and which one can satisfy the crowd. 🙂 

First Post, Spare thoughts.

I am not a regular blogger  and it is my very first blog for the personal reason, I have done blogging before, but most of them was for professional basis and now i even can not claim that these were my properties as the copyright of those articles are preserved by the companies for whom i have written for.

I have started this blog to share the nitty-gritty of my life and to express the thought and views of my own life. Actually, life has taken different turn this time and I want to cope with the changeling situations of the every moment I possess. Study, passion, dreams are the main three parts of my life. I do less ore more study, but i can not live without my passions. I thinks right now my world is evolving around the passion which I call photography. i want to see the unseen and in a very rare way to visualize a story through the light and composition. I am a newbie in this photo world and always try to learn anything new or ‘out of my knowledge’ information.

I have another problem. In the real life, I am a very much unsocial guy and the facebook is keeping the tag that I am a social guy in the social network. Actually, this social network is killing my most of the valuable times and making me more idle. I have to get rid of this social touch aka pain. Ok, you may ask why I am saying this. Hmmm, I will divulge the details in my another post.

My another important part of daily life is some kind of movie dose. I love watching movies and sometimes it makes me amazed that how it is possible to capture the finer moments of life though the celluloid. I am now reading medical science, but always I think that one day the dream of directing some of my short stories will come true. Yes, I also write short stories and poems and I know that most of those can not be treated as the good pieces.

And, I can not forget the special part of my life at the end of the day. yes, it is my friend. I can say it truly that I always miss my Satkhira friends and sweet memories with them make me nostalgic as usual.

At last, I can say I am what I am. You may wonder about the name of this blog and I will tell the behind the scene story one day. Life is very much crucial at some points, but i can say that life is beautiful and I try to feel this beauty of life, beauty of breathing. 🙂