Immature Minds, Mature Thoughts

Maturity is not always as visible as a portion of the outer cover of life. It is the state of mind and nature which makes a man more capable to cope with certain situations and how maturely he/she is handling the flip sides of the coins available in this substantial life. Sometimes some situations show how mature or immature a man is. In these situations people can easily understand that he is still a child in mind or a mature in thought.

A nitty thought  was bugging me whole day that how immature I am. it is very much clear that mos t of the people are too clear about their wants, But there is still some people who are really confused about their goal or want as always. I am one of the later group. Actually, when being transparent doesn’t work, being confused can work better then.

The story unfolds today morning, when I got an message from an precious person of my life ( I think, you have already guessed it!). Once we were very good friends. Then the term ‘best friends’ appeared and after a certain period we both felt that there was something unexplained in both of our thoughts and that made a ultimate rapport. We both chosen to remain naive and the story goes on. But this a sweet past to both of us as differences come and it is really tough for anyone to cope with the ups and downs as always. We parted ways.

But, the morning sms made me joyous and it was a long time she sent her last sms. The content was just a simple morning wish,”Good morning, Shuvo. Nishchoy Ekhono Ghumacchish.(I swear, You are still sleeping)”. A rush of neurons  struck my thoughts and for a while I thought that I was dreaming. I was pretty sure that I would not reply, but my fingers were not listening me. After a few minutes, I replied with a sweet sms. Then, Sms Goes on.

After surpassing more than 100 sms  for the whole day, when the night was in full swing, she sent a sms having a apology statement. I asked her for what the apology is. She replied that she was bothering me whole day as she could not resist herself to miss me for the last few days. I asked, I did not feel any bothering and the situation was really awkward for me.

I realized then that how immature we both are. Life goes on and such incident reminds me that mind never listens the brain.

Have you ever been experienced such experience? Let us know how you feel when brain and mind starts war.


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